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ETIC-2011: Published on January 2012
ETIC-2011: Published on January 2012

Article No.

 Name of Author and Article
Volume-1, Issue-ETIC2011, January 2012, ISSN: 2231-2307(Online)

[ETIC-2011, December 15-16, 2011, Chennai, India]

Page No.


Malini Siva, A. Poobalan
Semantic Web Standard in Cloud Computing

1 - 5


Arokia Anto Udhaya.R, P.M.Beulah Devamalar, Kannama.R
Computing Clusters For Loosely Coupled MTC Applications using Multicloud

6 - 8


Chandhana.S.D, E.A.Mary Anita
Improving Security in Anonymizing Networks using a Privacy Enhancing System

 9 - 11


Deepa.B, Meena.R
Privacy Control Methods for Updating Confidential Databases

12- 16


Harish A, Veerapandian N
Rumor Riding: A Protocol for Providing Anonymity

17 - 19


CH. Mohan Bindu, N. Sri Priya
Optimization of Parallel TCP Streams for Distributed MTC in High Speed Networks

 20 - 23


Priya Kumari R, P.M.Beulah Devamalar, J. Chitra
Adaptive Rekeying for Secure Group Communication Using Key Management Technique

24 - 26


Reeba Rose S,Kavitha V.R
An Efficient Location Dependent System Based On Spatial Sky Line Queries

27 - 29


Sherril Sophie Maria Vincent ,W. Thamba Meshach
Preventing Black Hole Attack in MANETs Using Randomized Multipath Routing Algorithm

30 - 33


Vaikunda Raja T, Ferdin Joe J
Region Selection Techniques for Digital Image Watermarking

34 - 37


G.S Vinitha, H. Kezia
Failure Tolerant Routing and Data Management in Sensor Networks Using VCP

38 - 41

B. S. Sawant, S. P. Shinde
A study of Effect of Web–Based Education Environment in Schools: With special reference to Satara District

42 - 44

SRaichal.S, Durgadevi.S
A Security Enhancement For Transparent Runtime Protection Against Code Injection Attacks

45 - 48
14. S. Vijay
A Combined Method to Measure the Semantic Similarity between Words
49 - 54
15. M.Jayanthi and .M.A.Mukunthan
A Security Architecture for Implementing Anonymity and Traceability In Wireless Mesh Network using Clustering Concept
55 - 58
16. Gowthami.A, Lavanya.R
Power Efficiency Metrics for Geographical Routing In Multihop Wireless Networks
59 - 63


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